On Location Natural Light Family Photography

On Location Natural Light Family Photography

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I am so excited it is finally the "Holiday" season again!  I have already started shooting Holiday photos and love it!  Just a reminder that my Holiday season is from September 1st til November 30th.  Any sessions from December 1-10th will be considered RUSH and will be double the cost for the session fee and minimum purchase requirement.  I am filling up and only have a few sessions left for October and November, and all of the December sessions (which I expect to be available until I am fully booked through November)

Don't forget to get on my SNOW SESSION waiting list if you would like to do a snow session for the 2012-2013 season.  I no longer require a deposit, but it is still on a first come, first served basis for when it snows, so the sooner you get on, the higher on the list you will be, and the best chance of getting a snow session!
You can find info for this here:

As posted a few days ago, I will not be offering Halloween Mini Sessions this year. Instead anyone who has a session between Now and October 31st, will get a free 5x7 print of each child in their costume if they bring it to their session!  Your child must be in  Halloween costume (babies are okay in some sort of "my 1st halloween shirt) and you will get 1 free 5x7 per child in costume.  I am booked for September, and I only have maybe 2-3 spots left for October.

Also, as of October 1st, I will no longer be including proofbooks with my sessions.  Since I started doing in person ordering sessions, I order a set of 4x6 proofs from your session, which are free if you spend at least $500 at your ordering session, or you have the option to purchase them.  If you choose to not purchase your proof set, I keep them until the end of each year in case you change your mind.  Any sessions already booked with me as of today (September 18th, 2012) will still receive their proofbook with their session.  Any sessions booked with me after today will no longer receive one.  If you would still like to have a proofbook (8x11 4-6 page spiral bound book)  you may purchase one for $50 with your print order.  Repeat clients will still receive a complimentary 4x6 flipbook with your print order!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Holiday 2012 Info Part 2

***As of 8/12/12 I have canceled the Holiday Mini sessions due to lack of interest***

Anyone who has been following my work for at least the past year knows 2 things I love when it comes to my job.  Babies and CHRISTMAS.  I absolutely LOVE my Christmas sessions.  I have so much fun planning out what we are going to use, what clothes you should wear and what I can come up with that is completely unique.  I am hoping that holding a couple of mini session events will help give everyone the chance to get some fun and completely personalized Christmas photos.  If Christmas photos are not your thing, that is fine, they do not have to be Holiday themed.  Some choose not to have holiday themed because they want to be able to display them all year (which I know lots of people who display Christmas family photos all year, and that is awesome!).  

Mini Sessions!!!

I normally do not offer mini sessions, but I decided I would give them a try again.   This time they are a little bit different because they are priced higher, but include tons of stuff, adding up to a better value for those wanting just a few photos and not wanting to commit to a full 2 hour session.  Please keep in mind "mini session" does not necessarily mean "mini price", but they do mean shorter sessions, and better value because I am able to do several sessions in one day rather than my normal 1-2 sessions per day.  Regular studio sessions cost $100, plus you have a minimum print requirement of $150....but for this mini session price your money will go a lot farther, so I promise, it's a very good deal.  I do not have a date for these quite yet, and I am still trying to decide if I should do studio, on location or two different days so I can do one of each.  These will be very limited, and I will only be opening about 5 slots.

Holiday Mini Sessions $350
Valued at over $500

20-30 minute mini session
Upto 5 people
16x20 wall print 
Your choice of 5 gift prints (8x10 and below) 
4x6 proof set of 5-10 edited images 
25 custom holiday cards or a digital image to make your own holiday cards 
25% off Al a carte prints, collections, and wraps
Purchase your entire mini session’s digital images for only $200 extra
(due to the amount of time, no Santa photos can be done during these sessions)
 Repeat clients get $50 off the mini session fee and a Free 8x10
(You will also have the choice to trade out all of the prints and cards for just your digital images if you prefer)

Last year I started a fun tradition of Santa photos.  I call them "glimpse of Santa" because we just used bits and pieces of the Santa suit to keep it a little more magical.  Clients were able to "add" on Santa photos to their session at no additional cost.  I had lots of clients who LOVED this idea and we had a blast with it.  Santa could be Dad, Mom, or my amazing husband who volunteered to be Santa for anyone who had a deployed (or absent) spouse.  

This year I thought I would try offering Santa Mini Sessions.  These are perfect for those who just want a few photos of their kids with Santa, but hate the idea of the horrible mall photos that all look exactly the same.  Every Santa photo is unique.  These sessions will include digital images, rather than prints...which is perfect for printing off your own cards, posting to facebook, and printing just how many you want.  There will be approx. 10 slots open for these Mini Sessions, and Santa will be played by my husband so we do not have to worry about costume switching in a short time frame. If you would like Dad to play Santa, please let me know a head of time, and we can work something out.  Also, if I can find the perfect spot, I think it would be fun to do these as an on location rather than studio.

Santa Mini Sessions  $250
 (valued at over. $400)
Upto 4 children
20 minute session and time with Santa
All edited images on a custom printed DVD (5-10) 
25% off any prints, collections, and wraps.
Repeat clients get $50 off and a FREE 5x7 print

***for mini session events, repeat clients will not receive the regular 4x6 flipbook they normally get from me for being a repeat client, as there are not enough photos to make a book***

A repeat client is anyone who has had a FULL session with me...you all know who you are, and you are AWESOME!
 (past mini sessions or free modeling sessions are excluded...I do have a few model sessions that will receive the discount, email me if you are unsure if you qualifty)

Both mini sessions will need to fill up in order to take place
Holiday Mini sessions: Need at least 5 commitments per location (studio/on location)
Santa Mini Session: Need at least 7 commitments.  If I end up filling up fast, I can add on more days.

Regular Holiday sessions
If you are wanting a full session for your holiday photos, then you want to schedule a regular Holiday session.  All sessions scheduled during this time frame will be considered holiday sessions, but they do NOT have to be holiday themed.  Regular holiday sessions are being scheduled starting now.  They run from September 1st-November 30th.  I am working less this year so I can enjoy my last Christmas in Minot with family and friends, so I will have an even more limited number of sessions available than last year.  I really hate turning people away and feel horrible doing it, so please schedule as soon as possible.  I am leaving December 1-10th available for RUSH sessions.  These sessions will be double session fee ($200-$300) and double print requirement ($300) in order to be scheduled.  There is going to be no exceptions.  If I am booked up, you will have to pay the rush fees if you want a session. The turn around on these will be less than a week rather than my average of 10 days.  Please follow the link at the bottom of this post for more information on Holiday Sessions.

Snowy Sessions
Snow sessions are being booked by a sign up system. Please check out the link below for information on how to get on the list.

Here is a link to my post from a few weeks ago with all of the additional information on holiday sessions.


Please email stacy@stacyvandyckphotography.com or call (210)722-3961 for more info or to set up any type of holiday session!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Lake Metigoshe Lifestyle Sessions

If I can get enough interest, I am going to be holding some fun sessions up at Lake Metigoshe sometime in Late July, or Early August.  If I get at least 3 sessions committed, there will be no travel fees at all, just your regular on location session fees.

I am not wanting these to be your regular, photos at the lake, posed session.  I want to capture your family making memories this summer...camping, hanging out around the campfire, fishing, laughing together, playing, hanging out at the lake at sunset.  I think this type of session sounds seriously fun and a great way to capture the memories of summer!

Regular session fee: $125 Session fee and $150 print commitment.
Sessions will include:
1-2 hour Session and creative fee
2 locations around Lake Metigoshe (campsite, lake, park, trail, etc)
Personalized ordering session with printed proofs (proofs available for purchase at extra cost)
8x11 proofing book
***Repeat clients all receive a FREE 4x6 flipbook ($80 value!)***
All of my current specials may be applied to this session as well!

These sessions will most likely take place around 6-8pm, depending on where your session will take place.  Hanging out around the campsite we can probably start around dinner time, if your spot is shaded nicely.  If you are wanting photos at the lake, it will need to be at least after 7pm for best lighting, probably even later.

These sessions will require the full session fee at booking.  I need at least 3, but no more than 5 sessions for this to take place.  I am hoping to get these on weekdays, as it's less crowded...but it will probably end up being on a weekend because of my husband's schedule.  The date will remain up in the air until I can get feedback from those for sure wanting to book a session.

I do not have any sample photos for this style of session since I have never done a session like this before, but I do have a few photos from a little camping trip we took with friends a couple of weeks ago...nothing special and these are barely even edited...I think I just brightened them up a bit since it was a very cloudy evening :)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Holiday Sessions, Beginning September 1st!

I promise I am not crazy....It's never too early to schedule your holiday session.  Some photographers start scheduling them right after Christmas!  Every year I fill up completely...usually by Halloween I have just a small handful of weekday sessions left.  Weekends fill up first.  Each year I am booked up faster and faster.  Because of this I have to turn lots of people away who were really hoping to get one of my awesome Christmas sessions (I have more Christmas props/backdrops then I know what to do with!)   The earlier you set up a session, the best chance you have of getting your preferred date.  I typically start shooting "Holiday" sessions September 1st (that is when I pull out at the Holiday props, outfits, etc).  I open up my schedule more from September-December, pretty much tripling the normal amount of sessions I shoot the rest of the year.

I will not have special holiday packages this year, but as some of you know, I added back on portrait collections year round now.  But if you know for sure you want to schedule a session with me, please do not wait!  

Also if you are considering a snowy session, please contact me to get on my waiting list for that as well.  Snow sessions will no longer be booked as normal sessions.  I now have a waiting list that you must get on.  When we get a good snow, and I am available for a session, I will start making contact, going down the list. These are on a first come, first served basis.  I decided this will work best for our crazy, unpredictable weather up here.  Please call or email to sign up for my 2012-2013 snow session list! (this is due to the lack of snow we got last winter, and actually only being able to shoot about 4 snow sessions all winter!)  If it happens to snow for your on location session, then you luck out and do not have to be on the waiting list, as I am always willing to shoot in the snow!

My normal holiday season will go from September 1st-November 30th 2012.  That is THREE full months of holiday sessions.  After November 30th, I will be doing "Extended Holiday Pricing". This will go from Dec 1-10th.  Basically these sessions are going to be put into "rush mode", and so there will be an extra charge, and will still be completed and prints returned before Christmas.  Once I am filled up through November, if you want to book a session you will have to book one of these and pay the extra cost.

Holiday Sessions are September 1-November 30th.

Extended Holiday Pricing is December 1st-December 10th
 (double session fee, and double minimum print order required, no exceptions)

If you are an expecting mom due anytime in November or December, please contact me ASAP to get on my schedule.  I do everything I can to get newborns in within the first 10 days, and it is much easier and likely if I have your due date on my calender so I know how many newborns I should expect those months.

Please call or email ASAP to get on my Holiday Schedule!

Monday, June 4, 2012

New Policies, effective June 1st 2012

New Policies will be in effect beginning June 1st, 2012.

Sessions:  As of right now, session fees will remain the same.  The only change will be slightly with my newborn sessions...the prices will be staying the same but the packages will be different.  All sessions will require a non refundable $50 deposit.  If you need to reschedule, please do so ASAP, and your deposit can be transferred to a new session time.  No shows will not be able to transfer their deposit and in order to book a session your full session fee will be required upon booking your session.  If you are more than 15 minutes past your scheduled session time and you have not made contact to let me know you are on your way, you will be considered a no show.

Pricing:  Due to MUCH request I have decided to add back on the option to purchase custom digital image discs at an increased price.  No print purchase is required in order to purchase just your image disc.  I have also added back on collection pricing available through out the year rather than just the holidays.  Al a carte pricing starts at $10 for gift prints.  Collections start at $250.  The larger the collection, the more you save.

Ordering:  At the time of your session we will book clients with a custom viewing session.  You will have the choice to do this here at the studio, or in your own home.  This will be scheduled for approx. one week after your session.  This is to make your experience more personalized.  Any orders placed during your custom viewing session will receive 10% off your total (subject to minimum print requirement of $150) for the first few months of my ordering sessions.  I will be allowing a 50/50 payment plan.  50% will be due at the time of your order, and the other 50% will be due upon delivery of your order.  Once an order is placed, you will have the option to have an online gallery posted for one week for viewing of family members.  There will be no discounts available through your online gallery.


Canvas- If you spend $500 or more on al a carte prints, you will receive a FREE 16x20 canvas! ($175 retail)

Vintage Photo lines are on sale for $200 (retail $300)

These prices will be effective from June 1st 2012-December 31st 2012.  I may put together some sort of "mini session" type event that will include your session fee, prints, and cards some time around November for the holidays.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Free Gallery Wraps???

I love gallery wraps....gallery wraps and large prints.   As much as I love selling loads of prints, I would love if more clients would buy a gallery wrap, so they can see just how awesome they are.  You know you have all drooled over the ones all over my studio (it's okay, I do too).  In fact, I love gallery wraps so much I am going to do something totally crazy. I am going to give them away to my best clients!  From now until July, I am going to offer a free 16x20 gallery wrap on any print order $500 or more.  That's a $175 gallery wrap, for FREE.  I will even take care of the sales tax for you!  

Any past, present, or future sessions can take advantage of this.  It can be an old session, but it must be a NEW order.  It also must be one single order (I can not combine old orders, or orders from other family members, it must be one new, single order).  I will even allow for you to mix and match sessions for the print orders (which means you can put in an order that contains some newborn photos, sibling photos, etc, as long as the order is $500!)  You may also opt to "upgrade" your gallery wrap to a bigger size!  Just pay the difference from the size you wish to a 16x20.

Please keep in mind, these gallery wraps are not free for me...the cost will be coming out of my own profit.  That is how much I want all of my clients to give them a shot.  I know a few of you already have, and are now addicted to them :)

I plan on doing a studio update photo blog here soon, but until then I just have this semi-crappy photo of my half done gallery wrap wall....but you get the idea :)

Offer will end July 1st 2012
You can do as many orders/free gallery wraps as you wish, there are no limits!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sale/Specials reminders!

Now that I am back from our little family vacation, I have just a few reminders about sales and specials I wanted to remind everyone of!

I am still offering the Vintage Photo lines for only $200 (33% off)

All gallery wrap Canvas are on sale for almost 50% off.  A 16x20 is only $100!

Lifestyle sessions are still a special price of only $300.  This price includes a good amount of prints as well.  I am going to be offering just a few more lifestyle sessions at this price before it goes to regular pricing.

Please check out the blog posts that are related to these sales.